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I see you being responsible, adulting, and doing all the things. Hats off to you! It’s great to check all the boxes, but don’t forget that success extends beyond what you can acquire or the accomplishments you can get in life. I hope you have success in your community.

Finding your people is a journey worth investing in. After finding them, it’s time to cultivate, learn from each other, and nurture those relationships. Some won’t last, but some do – those will be the ones that you’ll continue to do life with.

As beautiful as social media can be, it’s also a place for unilateral connections. You can watch someone’s IG stories, see their posts, see their YouTube video…and never check on them in real life.

If there’s someone on your mind, give them a call, send them an audio note, or share a text. And if you can make the time, use it to listen, love, and pour into each other.

Think about how you like to connect with friends and how you want them to connect with you. Just hearing and sharing laughter can really brighten up your day, so don’t be afraid to reach out. If you both work from home, do lunch together sometimes. Explore different ways to nourish those friendships you took time to find.

Remember, just because someone wears their crown well doesn’t mean it doesn’t get heavy. You both might be “the strong friends,” so check in with each other. Doing life with good people is such a blessing. Take this opportunity to let them know.

Always speak life,

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