Here are some ways you can reset

Today I can’t help but think about all the different roles each of us fills in our lives. As we continue with the month of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, this is the perfect time to check in and reflect. 

And that’s why I’m inviting you to the Take 30 Challenge.

My sister, Dr. Jackie Darby, created the Take 30 Challenge to bring the focus back to yourself by choosing one self care activity to do for 30 minutes for 1 week. You can do the whole 30 minutes or break it up throughout the day. This could mean making a playlist of your favorite jams to sing and dance to, stopping by a nostalgic place that brings you joy, or even going on a walk. You don’t need to spend any money, just time.

You can be good at filling the demands of multiple roles, from your career to your family and friend groups, so a daily 30 minute reminder to focus on you can help you invest in your wellness, creativity, and health throughout the week.

Also, if you find it challenging to wear multiple hats, the answer could be that you need more from yourself. Sometimes when I struggle to produce for others, I need to produce more for myself. 

You may have heard the social media proverb, “Create more than you consume.” 

Sometimes when I am having difficulty creating, it’s because I have been consuming too much content that’s not inspiring, edifying, or uplifting. Taking time for myself helps to set the foundation for my day and lets me pause – like a runner who is still right before taking off. The day gets busy, so consider taking your 30 minutes soon after you wake up. Ultimately as long as you can find time to show up for yourself, you are winning. 

Always speak life,


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