Honesty vs. Transparency

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There are so many marketing messages out there about being your “true self” and having an “authentic presence” online. While I feel that’s a GREAT thing to do, we as consumers and users of these platforms must also know the difference between honesty and transparency.

I learned this from a sermon preached by Pastor Michael Todd from Transformation Church in Tulsa:

  • Honesty is if YOU ASK me something, I tell you the truth.
  • Transparency is I GIVE you the truth without you even asking.

Be sure to catch that.

It’s funny that people think I put everything online, when there’s so much content that stays on the cutting room floor! Although I love connecting with others, I am so particular about what is shared. Even the messages I share with you each week go through rounds of revisions with my copywriter before it hits your inbox as we carefully craft what parts of my life to share with you.

It doesn’t mean I’m not who I say I am. However, having boundaries allows me to create content at a deeper level because I know what I will and will not share.

I love pulling back the veil on some of these concepts because we’re in the creator era. In a world where people are financially compensated for being “themselves” online, it can be tempting to expose yourself to stay on trend. And, even stepping out of the digital world, you might be tempted to overshare or overextend yourself in places such as work and civic organizations.

If you feel like you have been drained, it could possibly be that you are exposing too much of yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I wholeheartedly believe in telling the truth. Additionally, I know from experience that sometimes we are transparent in moments when we should have been honest.

You have the opportunity to choose how you share your truth. Stand firm in that power and don’t ever let anyone take that away from you.

It’s nice to go viral, but you don’t need to exploit yourself to get there.

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