What is a consultant?

A consultant is a subject matter expert who provides tools and professional advice to help you reach your goal.

Can I hire you as my social media manager?

Sorry, I no longer offer that service. However, if you book a clarity call, I’m more than happy to recommend the best applications and empower you to run it yourself.

Can you get me and my art/music/business featured in print or online publications?

Nope! I’m not a publicist 🙂 You will want to hire one to pitch and secure placements for you.

Do you take payment plans?

Absolutely, however payment must be rendered in full prior to our first session.

What happened to MOXIE Nashville?

MOXIE Nashville is the agency and training side of my business that was started in 2016. It is still around, but I have since rebranded to Vannesia Darby in order to “come out from behind my logo” as a facilitator and trainer.