A Helpful Reminder For The High Performer

You’re not behind.

You’re not late.

You’re not old.

God can use you at any time, anywhere, at any age.

This is a reminder for you.

But, this is also a reminder for me.

And, this is a reminder to the over thinker, the over achiever, the high performer, the high achiever, the accomplished, the wunderkind, the whiz kid, the creative…

Our world moves at hyper speed, which is great in terms of getting what you need. But, sometimes it can make you feel like you should be further along in life or that your accomplishments aren’t as great. It’s simply not true.

Instead of trying to “keep up,” do your best to carve your own lane and set your own pace. You’re the first you that this world has ever seen. YOU are the blueprint.

Before you drag yourself to the shower and get the smell of coffee beans roasting today, I encourage you to think of your most memorable moments in your life. Even if you started something and didn’t finish it, think about what you started. After a few minutes reminiscing, sit back and marvel at your mental list.

Look at the ideas that poured out of you.

Look at the risks you’ve have taken.

Look at the attempts you’ve made to get in the game of accomplishing your dreams while others stood on the sideline not willing to move from the comfort of their reality.

And then, be proud of yourself. You’ve come a pretty long way and there’s so much more in store for you…but only if you believe it.

Let’s not take extra pressure into this week, k? K.

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