A Good Attitude In The Workplace Matters. Here’s Three Reasons Why.

A Good Attitude In The Workplace Matters. Here’s Three Reasons Why.

I always grew up hearing phrases like “Your attitude affects your altitude” and “Your reputation is everything.”

To be honest, I never felt such an impact of those phrases until I quit my full time job three years ago. On the last day, I sent out the general Kumbaya-here’s-my-contact-information email to the entire company.

I hit send and then went to lunch.

An hour and a half later (yes, I took an exceptionally long lunch…what were they going to do, fire me?) I came back to a FLOOD of emails.

When I say flood, I mean FLOOD.

And honestly, it took me by surprise.

Not only because of the sweet words that poured into my inbox, but also because of who was sharing them. I received emails from people that I occasionally passed in the hallway or sat in one or two meetings with. Their emails were so touching and spoke of my work ethic and personality  – two assets that I honestly thought people had become desensitized to at that point.

It was shocking.

Although small, this experience taught me a few things:

1. People are always watching you – always.

Although they may not say it, sometimes their energy is based upon how you show up in your office or cubicle. Your positive attitude and outlook on life may be what they depend on to make it through their work day. It can be a strong part of your reputation that is an unspoken truth around the workplace.

For example, I received an email from a co-worker  who I used to watch Family Feud with in the lunch area a few days out of the week. She mentioned that when she replied back to my email! It was humbling to know something so small as Fast Money with Uncle Steve impacted her day for the better.


2. Your Reputation Isn’t Always Predicated on Your Past Wins

Your reputation isn’t always based upon what you’ve done. It can also be based upon you completing what you said you were going to do when you said you were going to do it.

Read that again. 

Consistency and honesty aren’t exactly subjects that are taught in college level curriculum – but let me be the first to tell you that they matter in the work place. People want to know if you can be trusted with the small details before you’re assigned a major project.

Did you send the email on time?

Are you alerting your boss of potential red flags before they become actual red flags?

Are you prepared with your team’s report during the meeting?

I’m not saying you have to be perfect. But, be diligent in the small things so that you can be seen as trustworthy and hardworking.

3. The Bar Is Going to Be Raised, Continually

I’m very intentional about getting results whether for an employer or for a client. However I learned, it’s not always about the metrics that I set out to crush or the certifications I acquire. It’s about my posture and position while I am putting those points on the board.

Others can see when you cut corners, bend the truth, or start to get high and mighty because of your wins.

Stay humble and know that as soon as you win one battle, the bar just got raised even higher.

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A good attitude combined with a dope work ethic ultimately leads to a good reputation. A solid reputation is something that money can’t buy and is always present…even when you’re not in the room. Additionally, your reputation will outlive you and your tenure at the workplace. Make sure you’re laying the foundation now to help script the proper narrative.

If you want to learn more about gaining respect and attention at work, check out my old blog post in Teen Vogue.

Always speak life,


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