My job is killing me but I feel stuck

I’ve Been Afraid to Quit, Too.

I remember sitting in a marketing meeting at my job completely disconnected and uninspired.

And it wasn’t because I wasn’t good at my job, I was a one-woman show running the entire digital marketing space…and killing it.

I had the metrics to prove it and even had people from other departments asking me how I was making things happen (and some were even “borrowing” my ideas, but I won’t go there).

I could feel the angst starting to build more and more each day, until finally I couldn’t take it anymore – sound familiar?

I started to apply for jobs, right there in the marketing meeting, and soon that became a regular practice.

Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, and ZipRecruiter all should have hired me to be their spokeswoman. I knew them all and had all the apps.

I was ready to GO and everyone knew it. Even worse, they could feel it.

But, I had no offers.



So there I sat for 7 more months.

Seven. More. Months.

Stuck in between an obstacle and no opportunity…or so I thought.

Somewhere in between that marketing meeting and the afternoon of my last day when I turned in my key card to HR, I remembered something that a college professor told me.

And it got my wheels turning again. 

It has forever impacted the way I view change, especially when it comes to my career.

It has helped me in every business decision, whether it’s one-on-one with a client or simply battling my own inner thoughts.

And, if you’re here, I believe it can help you too.

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