Four Ways To Avoid Burnout As A Creative Person

In one of my weekly email messages, I talked about consistency and endurance. I still believe those are both two sides of the same coin. I also encouraged you to write out your “This time, I won’t give up on ______________” statement. If you didn’t, here’s a link to check it out.

Today, I want to give you four practical ways to maintain that endurance. It’s all good to be motivated at the top of the year, but what about when you have a bad day?

Or a bad week?

Or just don’t feel like it?

Accomplishing goals takes stamina, but if you don’t pace yourself, you could burn out and/or have to start the task all over again. I’m really harping on this because it’s something I constantly have to fight also. I get excited about my goals and tracking and measuring and all the things. So, as the former reigning Burn Out Queen, I want you to feel me on this.

Whether it’s your job, your personal business, or just a goal you want to accomplish, check out my tips below:

1. Enjoy what you’re building and who you’re building it with

Sometimes we can get so enamored about where we’re going that we don’t enjoy how we’re getting there! We’ve all heard about “the process” that everyone talks about, but there really is such a thing. Periodically examine who is along this journey with you and ask yourself some questions like…

“Is this still fun for me?”

“Do the pros outweigh the cons?”

“Am I doing this because I feel obligated or because I feel blessed with the opportunity?”

Sometimes we hold on to the very things causing us pressure not realizing we have the power to release it, alter it, or double down on it.


2. Give yourself time

As easy as this is to understand, it’s hard to act out. Developing yourself and your dream take effort and time. It’s not always dependent on you either. Sometimes others need to get in position to help you with your dream and they could be dragging their feet! Give them a minute to catch up 🙂 

3. Come up for air

I remember when I was in high school and my piano teacher was teaching me how to play by ear, improv, and use cluster chords. I wanted to hang on to my sheet music so badly because that’s all I ever knew since I was eight. He told me I needed to put the sheet music down in order to fully develop this new skill. I didn’t listen for at least a year and he could tell by the rigidness of my playing. I needed to break from my classical training for a bit and when I finally did, I was able to come back to it with my musicianship expanded.

I shared that to let you know that sometimes the best thing that you can do for yourself is to take a break.

Go on a vacation.

Get off your email.

Stop researching so much.

Come up from the YouTube black hole.

Mute that Instagram account.


Don’t think you’re going to get left behind. You can ALWAYS come back to whatever you put down.

4. Get rid of the idea of being perfect

There are lessons in failures and mistakes. Sometimes the comebacks are the greatest part to the story.

I hope you examine which side of the marathon and sprint balance you are on and consider these tips.

Remember: you’re a beast, a creative genius, and have so much more power than you realize.

Stay the course.

Always speak life,


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